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Dennis de Bel (1984) graduated in June 2007 as an Interactive Media designer at the Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam. In June 2009, he completed the Master Media Design and Communication at the Piet Zwart Institute, also in Rotterdam.

De Bel’s exploration of interactivity and utility has led him to make humorous design interventions, manifested word puns, useless software and more recently “noware”. This term describes some of his latest works that are no longer hardware nor software but non-products, unique multiples and mass-produced one-offs that question functionality, inventiveness and innovation.

Currently ,he is teaching at the Willem de Kooning Academy and works both on an individual basis and in various configurations of collaborations.


Nothing is new, everything is preceded by something, borrowed from somewhere, copied from something, imitated and ‘innovated’.

This doesn’t mean the object becomes less important. Whether is it a physical or virtual object, tool or concept, we engage in a complex relationship with it. Through its use, we (in)inadvertently appropriate the meaning, form and function. The socio-political and economic background of each object we interact with can not be taken for granted.

It is important to be aware of these backgrounds in order to keep a clear mind and a critical attitude towards any developments. Different appropriations of language and meaning can have both positive and negative implications on power, production, ownership, innovation and freedom. This critical approach is necessary to avoid becoming the very thing you’re fighting the most.

While the mono cultural poverty created by commercial mass production offers room for a critical approach to production methods, innovation and usability etc., we should also keep a critical eye on the alternatives as well. Independent works, or spaces cannot exist.

As a result, The Dilly Dally Foundry uses humor, attention to detail and the time consuming obsession to achieve technical mastery as its tools to address these matters. The Dilly Dally Foundry, represents and facilitates, often singular, objects that engage in a playful dialogue to address notions of value, and ‘added-value’, innovation versus inventiveness and association versus dissociation.


“Dennis de Bel’s work is designed so well, it doesn’t look designed” Ingeborg van Lieshout, Bright #18, vol. 3, Okt/Nov 2007.

“The work of Dennis de Bel particularly stands out from the pack. Not because of one of his work in particular but because most of his projects are extremely well- designed, witty and playful.” we-make-money-not-art.com


For inquiries please contact me at the following email address: dennisdebel@gmail.com . Further details can by found in my Resume below.


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